Mary Hirsch,
Success Coach, Author




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Mary Hirsch, a transformational speaker, teacher, success coach and author of “Just Minutes To Victory” a step by step guide to living your life victoriously in your crazy business world. 

Mary Hirsch understands completely what it’s like to live in a crazy busy world. 

Crazy busy described her very own life for many years raising two children as a single mother and sole breadwinner. Mary’s past experience is what fueled her to create the results driven program she now teaches. 

Through decades of research, study and being mentored by the premier experts in the industry of personal development, Mary Hirsch has cracked the code on how to live in victory while juggling a busy schedule. 

Mary is a certified Dream Builder Coach, a trainer of The Success Principles, as well as a certified Life Mastery Consultant. Mary has been a successful entrepreneur in the business world since 1984 when she began her marketing company that is still thriving today. 

Mary’s unique programs offer simplicity to those who want more out of life but have no idea where to begin to get the greatest results in a limited period of time. It is Mary’s goal to empower those seeking a life they love waking up to with tools that can be easily incorporated into one’s busy schedule. 

What inspires Mary the most is when her clients come to her, and they always do in gratitude for the changes that have taken place in their lives. Mary will tell you, there is no better reward for what I do than to hear the stories of joy and success. 

Mary practices what she preaches using her tools delivering the life she loves living. It is just one of the many rewards that have come to her by living deliberately by design and not by default. 


Coach Mary Hirsch offers programs specifically designed to help you turn your positive intentions into successful new paradigms and to help you manifest greater abundance in all areas of life.

How do you know if coaching is right for you? Consider the following questions:

Do you seek a better quality of life?

Are you feeling stressed out and frustrated?

Are you exhausted by just trying to keep up?

Do you seek more meaning and fulfillment in life?

Do you want to reach a specific goal or attain a desired dream?

Are you seeking better relationships at home, work and play?

Do you want to “turn off” the doom and gloom you are currently experiencing?

Do you want to rid yourself of negative habits that weigh you down?

Would you like to wake up every morning exclaiming, “I love my life!”

Through Mary’s guidance you will gain:

Knowledge that will help you release negative paradigms (habits) by showing you how to set yourself up for success with new and empowering paradigms.

The ability to live a life of awareness, in a state of mind that is enriching, harmonious, and joyful every day

Greater abundance in all areas of your life: health, relationships, vocations, wealth and more.

Decades-worth of accumulated research from the most brilliant minds, past and present, precisely formulated to empower you to live your victorious life.

Noticeable progress toward achieving your life’s intentions.