Billy McLaughlin,
Speaker, Composer

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Rethinking Impossible

“Completely Impossible” Today is “Totally Do-able” Tomorrow.
Billy is the walking, talking, music-making example of the “impossible” giving way to persistence, innovation, discipline and creativity. Unwilling to lose his award-winning career to an incurable disorder, in this program Billy shares how achieving the impossible simply requires:
-  Clarity of purpose
-  Commitment to mission
-  Celebrating each step on the path to your goals.

Silence is Not an Option

Making noise is making change.
What does a beginner musician do before they start making music? They start making noise. Why do they make noise?   Because they want to make music but are not able to…yet! This program explores how silence is not an option when you want to achieve your goals and dreams. Learn from Billy’s comeback after being silenced by a mysterious incurable disorder and how we can all:

-  Let go of the perfectionist that holds us back.

-  Embrace the “noise” before the music.

What Now?

Innovating at core levels takes courage and persistence!
Billy offers easy-to-remember steps to help both individuals and companies move past the pain of change into the joy of innovation.

What do you do when…

-  What worked for you yesterday, does not work today?

-  You are no longer getting the results you need in order to grow?

-  You are struggling with new systems and learning new skills?

-  Shift your focus from what you can’t control to what you can control.