Ed Bogle,
Senior Marketing and Business Development Strategist


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 Strategic Planning

Ed was one of the core architects for the Focus Strategic Framework (a single page Framework) process for Arthur Young (Ernst & Young) Southwest Region. This framework has been adapted to numerous entrepreneurial firms and builds and captures strategy, maps brand development, defines operations (competencies and capabilities), and sets up for management and migration of strategy.

Market Mastery and Brand Strategy

Having an educational background in market research, statistical processes, and consumer behavior, Ed Bogle has developed "immersion" processes to assist clients in the development of brand positioning and value proposition development.

Alliance and Channel Partner Development

Alliances accelerate business growth and bottom line results. Collaborative models are critical in the ever-changing, global business landscape.

Capital Formation

Ed Bogle has significant experience in development and definition of needed capital and capital risk mitigation. He works with companies and capital sources in developing strategy, business plans, presentations, capital requirements and risk mitigations.



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