Kit Welchlin
Business Excellence and Performance Improvement Speaker/Trainer

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Dealing with Difficult People

The dealing with difficult people training provides techniques to minimize the damage to yourself and your organization. Being one of the busiest professional keynote speakers in the country, Kit shares strategies in his dealing with difficult people training speeches and seminars that help people with stress management in the workplace.

In the Dealing with Difficult People Training participants will learn…

  • the ten different types of difficult people
  • the five action steps to respond rather than react
  • the five stages in controlling your emotions and responding appropriately
  • how to differentiate yourself from everyone else
  • the fifty strategies to deal with the truly ruthless

Conflict and Negotiation

Negotiation skills dictate your level of professionalism.

Acquiring negotiation skills strengthen your confidence and increase the likelihood that you will walk away from the bargaining session with satisfying outcomes.

Participants will learn…

  • the negotiating models
  • the five steps in the negotiation process
  • the techniques to gain cooperation
  • the method to recognize, neutralize, and capitalize on the thirty dirty tricks
  • the ten characteristics of an effective negotiator
  • When opportunities arise, don’t hesitate, begin to negotiate!

Stress Management at Work

Nearly half of the nation’s workers say job stress is destroying their mental and physical health and eroding their productivity. Kit Welchlin is one of the most requested stress speakers on stress management at work and shares positive, yet practical remedies to relief stress. Welchlin keynote presentations highlight strategies to balance the quickness, quantity, and quality of your life.

In Welchlin keynote presentations participants will learn…

  • the benefits and consequences of stress
  • the three stages of burnout
  • the thirty proven techniques to relieve stress
  • the top twenty time management techniques
  • the five steps to stop procrastination