David Gruder,
Business Development Psychologist


Dr. David Gruder, a rare psychologist whose doctorate is in both clinical & organizational development psychology. He is an internationally sought speaker, trainer, curriculum developer, and trusted advisor who has provided his services in seven countries on three continents to a wide variety of businesses, educational organizations, conferences, and governance groups. Examples of Dr. Gruder’s engagements range from the Sanoviv Medical Institute in Mexico to the Transactional Analysis Institute in Switzerland. He has worked with many businesses and associations including family-run businesses, American Express work teams, Leaders Causing Leaders, the World President’s Organization, the San Diego County Department of Education’s Management Academy, and ambassadors to the World Trade Organization. He was also the founding president of the International Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.



Dr. Gruder is a leader, business, and Culture Peak Performance psychologist. He is the founder and principal of Integrity Culture Systems™ which provides Essential Psychological Skills for Extraordinary Businesses, Leaders, and Wellbeing™ (and its predecessor, Willingness Works®, originally founded in 1988). The first recipient of a leadership award that was named in his honor, and known for his phrase, "Leaders and their teams build businesses at the level of their psychological limitations despite their entrepreneurial intentions," Dr. Gruder is the thought leader who thought leaders seek for mentoring. In 2008, Radio & Television Reports him, "America’s Integrity Expert," and among his hundreds of media appearances, he has been "Featured in Forbes" 15 times and counting.
Author and co-author of numerous books, and significantly featured in yet others, Dr. Gruder has won eight book awards. He is also the author of the Integrity Stimulus Plan which provides a universal, transpartisan, nondenominationally spiritual framework for co-creating integrity-centered sustainable solutions to the vast challenges we face today as individuals, families, communities, businesses, societies and a planet. The Integrity Stimulus Plan has been embraced across political and faith spectrums. His next book, which he is currently writing, is on how to reclaim our individual and collective wellbeing from "The Hijacking of Happiness, Health, Prosperity & Governance."

A Board member and Co-Head of Faculty for CEO Space International, a leading entrepreneur development organization, Dr. Gruder trains and mentors solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, larger businesses, nonprofits, and leaders in the key people skills that make it possible to have a great time creating sustained success without sacrificing their thrill of living, life balance, personal integrity, or social responsibility.

Dr. Gruder is also a Lead Faculty with the California Institute for Human Science, an interfaith clergy. He is also a Certified Ritual Elder with ManKind Project International, an international nonprofit organization of men creating a safer world by stepping into mature masculinity and living in integrity with their life mission.

David lives in San Diego, CA, with his wife Laurie and their two cats. His main website is DrGruder.com.