We spoke with David Dunworth of Marketing Partners, on the importance of knowing your niche.

Below is an excerpt from the interview.

Linda: We’re speaking today with David Dunworth of Marketing Partners. He is an expert in the area of marketing and entrepreneurship. The subject is niche, or target market. First of all I would like to say welcome David, welcome to Spirit of Business Success; we are a group of entrepreneurs who are seeking to find and create more excellence in our businesses and our work places.

David: Great, thank you for very much for having me. I look forward to spending a little time with you.

Linda: I’d like to know a little bit more about your company and why you started Marketing Partners.

David: Oh, sure. Well, to go back enough for the foundation I spent a career in high-end hospitality, and during those thirty-plus years, I focused a lot on marketing. Now marketing then and marketing today are two different things. But why I started Marketing Partners was actually on a bet. I was in a restaurant in Las Vegas that seemed to be just a mess, and I contacted the owner who was a recluse, and said, “you know what I see you’re trying to sell this business, but it will never sell unless you straighten it out.” So we made a bet that I could turn it around six months and I would do it on my own money, and if I did and he sold it, we’d split the profits. Well, I did it in four, and…

Linda: Oh my gosh.

David: And you know, when I went to claim my bet he said “I’ll tell you what, you’re so good at marketing, why don’t we open of a marketing agency and you can do all this stuff and just send me a check.” And I said, “I can do that.” And that started in 2012, so we’re five plus years old now.

For more, listen to the interview below.