Engaged – Productive – Innovation – Culture

Epic Success is a forum of entrepreneurial leaders who are raising the bar of achievement for themselves and their companies. Founded by a group of visionaries in the Midwest, the goal of EPIC Success is to accelerate in the development of extraordinary businesses that yield a lasting value for themselves as well as external stakeholders.

Planning is underway for an event set to take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota late this fall. In anticipation, the forum is looking to add to our core group of leaders and strategic partners who will help to spread the word throughout their spheres of influence. They are also seeking a handful of sponsors who will assist with programming. If you feel inspired, we welcome and encourage you to take on an integral part in the EPIC Success event. Contact Linda Ruhland, program coordinator, via text or call at 651-230-0905 or on her email at linda@spiritofbusinesssuccess.com.

With plans to invite over 10 thousand business leaders and their teams we look forward to making this event EPIC. Please keep an eye out for future updates and notes regarding EPIC Success in the Midwest.