Hugh-Ballou“If you look at people who are very successful at making a lot of money, they have a coach, a mentor…the ones that are broke are trying to figure it out themselves.” Hugh Ballou shares his insights into business transformation that are based in the high-performance world of orchestral music. Learn what the maestro knows about creating synergy and how to make it happen in your business.



Discussion points:

  • How has your background in music evolved into business leadership training?
  • How is working with business people different from working with musicians?
  • Is there any one leadership challenge that stands out more than others?
  • What is your answer to the age-old question, “Are leaders born or are they made?”
  • Is there anything a leader can do before he or she starts to spend money that will better prepare them for success?
  • Mentorship for business owners Y/N? If “Yes”, how long should someone commit to having a mentor?
  • What are your five pillars to leadership success?


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