Justin Recla of The Recla Group, a due-diligence and vetting firm for small business owners, discusses what businesses can do to better protect their resources. With the advent of the internet, anybody and everybody can be a self-proclaimed expert. Recla outlines best practices for making sure that the people you are dealing with are indeed who they say they are.

Discussion Points:

  1. Is scamming on the rise?
  2. What signs should I look for to tell me if I am being scammed?
  3. Is membership in the Better Business Bureau enough?
  4. Where are the typical business weak spots that are prone to being scammed?
  5. What due diligence should I practice to protect my business from being scammed?
  6. Is there such a thing as being too cautious?
  7. How can I ensure my clients and customers that my intentions are sincere?
  8. What does the term “business transparency” mean and what does it entail?
  9. How can I play it safe and have fun, trust and enjoy people at the same time?
  10. Is due diligence a good investment? Does it offer any returns?